Since the very first piece made, back in 2008, I have stayed true to my signature way of mixing traditional and contemporary, pushing boundaries by trying new materials and different techniques to turn tableware, decor and accessories into a luxurious and unique experience to surround us with and to enjoy every day. 
Exploring the relationship between textures, colour, form and materials, I want to tell my story through my pieces, share my adventures, explore sacred places and cultures and transfer that into something magical and extraordinary for you to take home.
Born in Tallinn, Estonia, half French and half Italian by heart, I completed my degrees in ceramics/product design and following year as well in interior design. Then after a year living, working and studying in Rome, Italy, I felt the time was right to start my own label. I feel my mission is to create soulful beauty that speaks to you and is a functional piece of art in your home. 
My work is best described as simple and elegant, with clear focus and charming balance between sharp nordic design and expressive oriental decor. 
Every single piece is designed by me and handcrafted, which therefore keeps them all unique. Using carefully selected finest materials along with precious metals, I add a touch of luxury to each one of them to really stand out on your table setting.
Today, with every new piece, I continue my quest to surprise, innovate, and inspire others to live a life of beauty.
You don’t need a special day to make your day special!
Sincerely yours,
Marion Isabelle Varik

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